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The Purpose of these Webpages New ways to shop with  A V O N

 Soon after joining  A V O N  Cosmetics Ltd as an Independent Sales Rep in June 2012, Richard created these archive pages to make it easy to access the provided online database resource.

 This proved popular because it was often easier to search for a particular item rather than flicking through the pages of the physical brochure.

 During the Summer of 2018,  A V O N 's  transformation to fully embrace the power of the Internet, rendered these archive webpages unnecessary and the database to which they were connected is no-longer accessible.

 If you are new to the World of  A V O N , expect to have to experiment with the method you use to find what you are looking for... it will become easier with practice...

 Consider joining  A V O N  as a preferred customer when you find yourself wanting to use more  A V O N  products than can be satisfied by just the occasional order...


 The best way to place an  A V O N  order is to use Richard's mobile enabled  A V O N  web Shop. At the checkout, customers will select their preferred method for order delivery; either a personal delivery arranged by Richard... or a direct delivery from AVON Cosmetics Ltd.

 An alternative method is to search through the online brochure, noting the page number and item number of those products you wish to order and entering these into an email template. Richard will be able to respond with a confirmation email which will advise you about product availability.

 For those who prefer the traditional method whereby a current  A V O N  brochure is delivered to their home address to be collected shortly thereafter, Richard will be pleased to arrange this. Please call 01794-341405 and/or send an email request by clicking here.

 Registering for an account at Richard's  A V O N  online Shop is one of the best ways to learn about new products and offers.

Thank you! -

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